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Space physics

The derivation of the motion equation and motion law of charged particle in uniform magnetic field

The calculation of the loss cone and critical pitch angles for particles of radiation belt

Abouth the pitch angle distribution of particles in Earth's radiation belts.

The differential equation of field lines of vector field in Cartesian and spherical coordinates.

The field lines of magnetic dipole.

The conversion of vector components from Catresian coordinates to spherical and back. DOC PDF

The calculation of Earth's magnetic field components in spherical coordinates DOC PDF

The drift of charged particle in the presence of magnetic field gradient. Latex2e Poctscript PDF

My review about near-equatorial protons. Year 2002.

The amazing pictures from NOAA POES satellite

General physics

The Compton-effect

The Mickelson-Morley experiment

Relativistic reduction of time and space.


Energetic protons at low equatorial altitudes. J.Moritz, Z.Geophys., Vol. 38, pp. 701-717, 1972.
HTML, Russian translation, part.,
PDF, scan-copy

Inner zone electron peaks observed by the "Active" satellite, K. Kudela and J. Matisin, F. K. Shuiskaya, O. S. Akentieva, and T. V. Romantsova, D. Venkatesan, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 97, NO. A6, pages 8681-8683, June 1., 1992.

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