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17.04.2008 The derivation of the motion equation and motion law of charged particle in uniform magnetic field

11.04.2008 The calculation of the loss cone and critical pitch angles for particles of radiation belt
29.03.2008 Some new photo. Irkutsk, Kaliningrad
26.03.2008 The Rubik's cube assembling 4х4х4
12.02.2008 The special theory of relativity. Relativistic reduction of the space and time.
09.12.2007 To share the internet. Proxy-server Proxy Plus in local network.
19.11.2007 My project qColorMap on SourceForge
26.10.2007 How do the shape of pitch angle distribution of particles vary along field line? To read...
03.11.2006 The book of Kalitkin Numerical methods (in Russian)
04.10.2006 The list of volcanoes
02.10.2006 Van Allen's article about radiation belts
18.06.2006 The program for calculation of radiation dose behind shielding SHIELDOSE 2
16.06.2006 The program for calculation of geomagnetic field according IGRF/DGRF model
12.06.2006 The program for calculation of proton and electron flux in radiation beltsAP8/AE8.
01.05.2006 The full copy of J. Moritz's article on near-equatorial protons
23.04.2006 The open letter to MSU president in the case of fire in the Main building of Moscow State Univercity on April, 22, 2006
30.11.2005 The "Work" section renamed to "Publications".
21.09.2005 My own forum instead of guest board
27.06.2005 The McIlwain's article Coordinates for Mapping the Distribution of Magnetically Trapped Particles
22.06.2005 The Roederer's book "Dynamics of Geomagnetically Trapped Radiation".
22.06.2005 The Antonova's books, "Processes with plasma in space" и "Acceleration processes in space".
03.05.2005 The description of method to function approximate using the method of coordinate descent.
20.04.2005 The description of working with cookie in perl cgi-scripts. The mechanism of user registration and autentification.
14.03.2005 The photo of Hystory Museum of Moscow (et al.). To look...
08.03.2005 The program for generation of random numbers with power-law distribution and description.
01.03.2005 The description of 4th order Runge-Kutta method and Euler method. To read...
26.01.2005 The new photo - my cat, New Year and my friends. To look...
16.12.2004 The new photo from Kosice, Slovak, November 2004. To look...
01.11.2004 The figures from NOAA satellites on fluxes of protons and electrons. To look...
29.10.2004 The program of functions approximation by polynomes using least-squares method and description of program
16.10.2004 The program of function interpolation by cubic splines. Description
14.10.2004 The program of function interpolation by canonical polynome. Description
13.10.2004 The program, of solving of system of linear equations using Gauss's method. Description
05.10.2004 The description of method for simple numbers searching. To read
06.07.2004 The program to search simple numbers. To look...
30.06.2004 The self-printing program. To look...
03.06.2004 My new web-site with CGI. Guest board
28.05.2004 I've deleted my forum and wrote the new fine design for guest board
28.05.2004 The interpretator of ariphmetic operations To look...
14.05.2004 My new photo from Warsaw, Poland. To look...
14.04.2004 The distributive of Borland Pascal 7.0, and the installation manual
02.04.2004 The distributive of Borland C++ 3.1, and the installation manual
21.02.2004 The Koch's fractal written on С. To look...
19.02.2004 The new Tetris written on C, ver. 0.5, the sources included. Tetris...
27.01.2004 My birthday on 24 Jan. Thanks to all...
16.01.2004 The Koch's fractal written on Paskal. To look...
04.11.2003 Now you can write me here
31.10.2003 I've changed the desing of site. No frames
22.10.2003 My short story on zhurnal.lib.ru рассказ - Mpondo. The Sand and the Wind.
13.10.2003 My short story on - Mpondo. The Sand and the Wind.
23.07.2003 My chat. Go-go-go!
30.06.2003 I've added the "egavga.bgi" in the distributive of fractals...
30.06.2003 The error-200 in fractals and Shell program have benn fixed.
13.06.2003 The fractals have been coloured. Fractals...
10.06.2003 New photo from Prague, Chech. Prague...
08.06.2003 New photo from Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, Russia. V. Luki...
30.05.2002 New forum. Go forum

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